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Why Printed Booklets Should Hold a Place in Your Marketing Strategy


Booklet printing is an underrated but effective way to market your businesses’ products and services. Well-designed, impactful booklets create brand awareness, establish authority and build lasting connections with your target audience. Thankfully, you can use booklet printing services to get compelling booklets printed easily and affordably.

What are Booklets?

A booklet is a small book with a relatively low page count, usually between eight and 36 pages long. Booklets typically have a paper cover and are bound using staples. Businesses across various industries create several different types of booklets, including corporate brochures, product catalogues, employee manuals, event programs and reports. Booklets are printed in a range of sizes, from A4 to A7 and also in various square sizes. Plus, many booklet printing services will give you the option to print booklets in the custom size of your choice.

Why Use Booklets in Your Marketing Strategy?

Booklets are an underrated marketing method in today’s consumer environment. While digital marketing is important, print marketing still has a vital role in business success.

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To win new customers, you need to create a connection. You must grab their attention with a sleek and compelling booklet that markets your products and services effectively. A booklet that presents your business in the best light and appeals to their wants and needs by telling a compelling story will lead to more sales and more repeat customers.


Consumers sometimes feel suffocated by the sheer number of digital ads they encounter in today’s crowded digital marketing environment. A physical booklet gives them something tangible to read and digest at their own pace. Studies have also proved that print marketing is easier to digest than digital media.

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A great way to market your business in a way that is not bound by a specific time period is to commission printed booklets. If your businesses’ main objective is to attract new customers, creating a booklet displaying products, case studies, and past customer testimonials is an excellent way to get the message out about your business without a time limit. In contrast, booklets containing time-bound offers are only usable for a limited time, which leads to waste should you have a large pile of booklets left after the offer has expired.


In today’s digital marketing landscape, digital ads are costly and, unfortunately, are becoming more expensive over time. In contrast, printed booklets are a cost-effective way to market your brand. While a set number of booklets cost a fixed price, digital ads fluctuate in price depending on competition, which can inflate prices if your company has many competitors. Another benefit of printed booklets is that due to economies of scale, you can benefit from a discount when you order in bulk.

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How to Print Your Booklet

Today, there are dozens of excellent booklet printing services to choose from, many of which operate online. Booklets are available in a range of sizes, including but not limited to A4, A5, A5 Long, A6, 120mm x 120mm, 148mm x 148mm and many more. Additionally, many booklet printing companies will allow you to print your booklet in custom sizes if required. Regarding booklet binding, several options are available, including wiro and stapled binding. Booklets are printed in your chosen paper weight and paper type, the most common being silk, gloss, uncoated, natural or recycled paper. Finally, booklets are printed in a landscape or portrait orientation.

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Booklet Printing Do’s and Don’ts


  • Give your booklet a consistent design. Nothing is more off-putting to a prospective customer than an untidy, inconsistent booklet that is difficult to read.
  • Break the text on your booklet into readable chunks. Large blocks of text will make reading the booklet feel tedious.
  • Be conscious of bleed. Most booklet printing services will ask you to leave a 3mm bleed on each page.
  • Choose the correct binding. For example, if a booklet is less than 40 pages, stapled binding is recommended. Alternatively, if there are more pages, you may want to consider wiro binding to ensure the booklet remains intact.
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  • Don’t overcrowd the booklet with too much information. Trying to include every single detail about your product or service will make your booklet unappealing.
  • Don’t include low-quality images. Low-resolution images will make your booklet appear poorly designed. Always include high quality, professional imagery.
  • Don’t forget to proofread the content of your brochure before sending it to your booklet printing service of choice. Spelling and grammar mistakes look unprofessional, and the last thing you want is to reprint all your booklets.
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action and the contact details of your business. Directly tell your readers what you want them to do. Do you want them to call? Or perhaps visit your company’s website for more information?


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