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10 Best Online B2B eCommerce Marketplaces in 2022


Due to the world turning into a global village and internet friendly nation the sales of e-commerce are increasing every day. Many trusted websites have come a long way to cater for the niche with the best merchandise and offers. International B2B trading has proven to be hassle-free, easy and fast. Let’s know which are the best B2B eCommerce marketplaces that can help you with your efficient purchases.

What is B2B eCommerce?

Business to business e-commerce is an international online trading platform which helps customers satisfy their shopping needs. There are several different marketplaces which follow this concept of trading online. Internet is the modern necessity that has made every b2b business grow & expand their roots for the betterment of customers along with gaining profits. There are many trusted b2b e-commerce websites that helped the b2b business gain exponential growth in the industry. Let us talk about 10 b2b platforms that will help expand the exposure of your business. B2B business helps send their products directly to the business at the wholesale rate rather than retail price. You can sell multiple products in wholesale such as baby shower can koozies, custom koozies, Popsockets, chargers, and much more directly to the business.

B2B eCommerce Marketplaces

Many e-commerce businesses are looking into the market to find a trading partner online which in turn benefits their business. Every business would like a trade partner which is easy to find and in a hassle-free manner. We have listed the top 10 b2b e-commerce platforms that can help grow your business through which your business will definitely get more exposure.

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1. Amazon

Amazon is considered to be the most trustworthy trading platform that provides a fully comprehensive buying guide to its customers. It is one of the fastest delivering b2b websites and a pioneer in the world. In the North American region, Amazon has made its place as the leading b2b business marketplace.

2. eBay

eBay started as a c2c business place and has now converted itself into the leading b2b marketplace. Across the globe, eBay has become one of the most preferable websites for b2b. The website is user friendly and provides an amazing user experience to all. Both small and medium businesses prefer to use this platform to increase sales.

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3. Alibaba

Alibaba was started as a Chinese centric manufacturer platform where any business can easily trade. As of now, it is known as a leading platform in the Asian Pacific region that helps international trading organisations. The website tools help every business most efficiently and effectively to reach the audience and market the products. is also one such platform that sells products in bulk at a low rate.

4. Shopify

Shopify has all the tools in one which you might want to launch on large scale to benefit your business. It is considered a multi-vendor marketplace which handles all in one capability for a business to grow & expand. You can execute complex tasks simple with the tools that this website offers.

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When it comes to meeting the requirements of a business, EC21 proves to be the best b2b e-commerce place. The tools that this website provides make it easier for other businesses to find and trade goods online. You can leverage the tools like Buyer Central which will help your audience find and search the products with ease.

6. eWorld Trade

To set a new milestone at the global level, eWorld Trade was created and it is the most efficient website of all. The audience will find fully verified products which are versed in the latest features and functions. eWorld Trade helps you to connect with the best buyers and sellers easily through their interactive page.

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7. Ali Express

Ali Express was founded to cater to b2c initially but later due to its big list of buyers and sellers, small & medium businesses started placing their orders on the website. The business that cannot afford to place orders on large b2b websites preferred this website turning it into one of the leading b2b platforms.

8. Global Sources

One of the most incredible b2b platforms that connect Asia with English media is Global Sources. The website has swift features for its audience and helps find a supplier to fulfil the requirements on large scale. There is a great benefit of the site that provides free quotes to multiple suppliers.

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9. Fashion United

Fashion United trade with fashion buyers worldwide and connects the fashion community on a global level. They have over 40,000 buyers that prefer the site for fashion content & apparel. The website connects with suitable fashion experts which in turn is a great benefit for the buyers.

10. Seebiz

An emerging platform for b2b & networking platforms in the whole world. Seebiz interacts with all kinds of businesses from a retailer to a wholesales & a manufacturer as well. It has almost 10 industries under its belt from food to clothes to beauty and many more. It is one of the best websites for businesses to conduct their sales hassle-free.

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Start Your Business Now

Choose the right platform for your business and start trading to expand worldwide. Attract your buyers by knowing their knee interest and start selling on the best platform which best suits your business clientele and ethics.


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