October 11

80s Hairstyles are Back to Make you Nostalgic this Season


If you’re someone who loves to watch OTT content, it is highly likely that you would have watched quite a few episodes of Stranger Things Season 4. Aired on Netflix, the show has made viewers nostalgic about many things, and in particular the 1980s hairstyle. Quite a few of the eccentric cuts of 1980s hairstyles have been featured in the show and has brought back the nostalgia of the decade gone by. The 80s were an interesting decade. It was a period when hairstyle meant making a statement, a grand announcement of one’s individuality by capitalizing on voluminous hair, choice of accessories and bright colours. Thus it is hardly surprising that the decade saw a plethora of interesting hairstyles such as curls and bangs, high ponytails, big volumes, asymmetrical cuts etc.

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Even though we all recognize and appreciate the fact, over a period of time, hairstyles keep evolving and one style yields to other, the resurgence of the 80s hair deserves more than a mere token acknowledgement. So, here’s our list of the classic 80s hair, which is going to make you reminiscent about the era gone by.

Blow Outs

This one easily takes the crown, and if done right can be termed as crowning glory. A good blow out hair is not only empowering but also never really goes out of style. A near perfect ode to the 80s, the blow out mixes the two popular elements of the 80s hair; i.e. the volume and the curls. Works for any length of the hair so long as it is at least shoulder length the blow out makes a powerful statement. Thankfully, in the 21st century we have the blow dryer brushes handy such that we can create the look sitting on the dressing table at our homes.

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Whale Spout Ponytail

This timeless classic known as the ponytail, with its myriad versions, was having its field day during the 80s. Highly popular amongst the 80s hair ponytails were the high ponytail, side shift ponytail and the whale spout. In 2022, we see a resurgence of the whale spout ponytail and for all good reasons. A fairly easy to execute style, which requires both minimal effort and time the whale spout has been brought back into limelight by the pop singer Ariana Grande. Needless to state the bigger the volume of your whale spout pony, the sexier it is!

Big Mess

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Recall that we were discussing how the important elements of the 80s hairstyle for women were volume, curls, bangs etc.? The Big Mess aka the messy hair look is all about leveraging volume to your advantage. The playfully young and fun hairstyle does transform your face. This messy style is easy to create and it is not very complicated, so it’s a win-win choice.


Highly popularized during the 80s, the pixie works for any hair type and texture. This bold and feminine haircut comes with its own sub types such as waves, faux hawks, bangs and undercut. The pixie is not for the fainthearted. Cool, comfortable, contemporary are the keywords that define a pixie cut. Easy to maintain the modern day pixie traces its roots to the 1980s hairstyle. We particularly love the pixie on wavy hair and those with an undercut.

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Feathered Layers

Bird of the same feather, flock together. The nomenclature has got nothing to do with the birds though.  If you have voluminous mane this style is a no brainer, which helps you make the most of your textured hair. Have your stylist cut your hair in layers to create this elegant and sophisticated look. The layers add a whole new dimension to your hair and bring out new textures. We particularly love how the feathered layers make the hair fall and also its iterations such as feathered layers with curls and bangs.

Permed Hair

As mentioned earlier that the 80s hair were all about volume, curls and individual expression. In order to get the best of the volumes and curls, permed hair was highly popular and ranked amongst the best 80s hair. Like every other style from the 80s, this one too has undergone modernization with people choosing to personalize their perms by chucking the tighter curls in favour of more relaxed look to create the beach waves.

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The cool cuts of 80s are back in vogue. Modernized in their avatars, the cool cuts of 1980s hairstyle are a great way to relive the nostalgia and get your new look. If you’re still unsure about your hairstyle for 2022, have a word with your stylist to discuss which style will suit you the best or even better give your stylist the freedom to create the look for you.


80s hairstyles are back to make you nostalgic this season

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