September 27

The golden years of Nottingham Forest


Many fantastic football teams have come from England. The website can be visited at any moment in order to wager on them. Normally, when talking about successful football squads from this part of the world, it is possible to think about teams like:


  • Manchester City;
  • Manchester United;
  • Chelsea;
  • and Liverpool.


However, during the 20th century, there was another English squad that obtained some incredible achievements. It wasn’t any of the aforementioned ones, which are featured on the 1xBet website. Instead, it was Nottingham Forest, which has an impressive curriculum of titles.

The incredible 1970s

Probably the best moment in the history of Nottingham Forest came during the late 1970s. During those years, they won two incredible European Cup titles, as well as an European Super Cup. Those achievements made the Forest one of the best football teams in Europe at the time. Punters can wager on football matches at the website 1xBet – kabaddi live 2022 can also be bet on this platform.

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In 1978, the team obtained a fantastic qualification for the European Cup. Unlike the modern Champions League, the European Cup of those years only had a knockout stage. This meant that teams had very little margin of error. During that edition of the cup, Nottingham had its first match against Liverpool, which were the champions of the previous edition. They managed to defeat them and go into the next round. The 1xBet website has live kabaddi and football events taking place throughout 2022, where lots of wagers can be made.


The team went on to defeat some highly difficult rivals, like AEK Athens, Köln and Malmö FF. Because of this, they obtained their first European title by mid 1979.

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Repeating the achievement

But the achievements of Nottingham Forest didn’t end there. After winning the 1979 final they automatically qualified to the next edition of the tournament. In addition to these competitive football cups, you can see the IPL score today watch online at 1xBet, which is available to all members of the platform.


The team also had a fantastic performance during that tournament. After defeating teams like Ajax and Hamburg, Nottingham Forest won their second consecutive European Cup. This made them one of the best football teams in the entire world at the time.


Yet, after winning the first of those European Cups, the English team had the right to play the 1980 European Super Cup. They did so against Barcelona, which they managed to defeat, giving another amazing title to Nottingham Forest. Punters can watch IPL scores today at 1xBet online, which also features the chances to follow scores from other competitions.

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Repeating the achievement, the golden years of nottingham forest, The incredible 1970s

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