November 14

The best soul-born games to play this December holiday 


Like me, you’re always looking for an excuse to stay indoors and escape the cold during the December holidays. And what better way to do that than by playing great soul-born games?


Introduce some great soul-born games to escape the cold during the December holidays


When the weather outside is frightful, spending time with some awesome soul-born games can be the perfect way to escape the cold and enjoy some indoor fun. December is a great month to cosy up with some hot cocoa and explore new virtual worlds or take a deep down into the world of igaming and explore online casinos that accept cryptocurrency for the best casino bonus.  Here are our recommendations for the best soul-born games to play this December holiday:

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Sekiro portrayed an appropriate protagonist in the “From Software” game. Okay, fifth. Our lives could be at risk – and our minds could explode. Sekiro: Shadows die once is a well-recognized title which won GOTY awards from numerous outlets. The game has no diversity or rigid approach to gameplay that is emphasized to favour its art. While other Souls-like entries offer you various options for enhancing your playing style – sekiro does not. The government has been strongly supporting posture. One criticism which will undoubtedly upset Gitsgums is that they can’t level them out. Sekiro has an excellent combat philosophy.

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Nioh was probably rated as the worst Soul game ever. Nioh’s first game uses the Soul formula in a new direction. The gothic scenes were lost, as were the bones and the souls. It’s 17th-century Japan accompanied by an Irish traveller, William Adams. He must fight Japan’s meanest yokais. I believe there is a magical creature on Earth who has fantastic powers. Nioh’s combats are extraordinary and offer numerous options for their approaches. The unique Ki system in this game adds depth to fighting and keeps players engaged in their actions.


Dark Souls 3


It’s an action game which has been loved and admired. Some of the pieces in “Bloodborne” have been extensions because they play slower than the series’ previous entries. This is the best game in the franchise and handles as if the dream was a reality. It loses one point by bringing back Anor Londo, something that was not needed, and Irithyll’s jailing is annoying. It also feels undistinguishably different from Dark Souls 2. This is not bad, but all this seems pretty much based on numbers.

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Demon Souls (original)


This game has no merit at all. I feel just as appropriate to start with the title. Demon Souls has the feel of a very different game compared with earlier ones. There is a more accessible difficulty level, and it feels more brutal when you fail to get there as a boss. Initially, this came from Software’s vision, and as a result, it seems to be a proof of concept and a good template for future successor projects. The game quickly sets up its stall with its frightening white-eyed Knights that produce many quick death losses.




It features incredible Yharnam and a refined game design, which makes it a great Souls game. Bloodborne has been a mighty success for Software developers. Some think Bloodborne is comparatively slow compared to Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls. In reality, the game has everything right and is a fantastic game. Yharnams darker gothic love-crafting world is horrifyingly fascinating. The book has all the boxes of horror. The game is the earliest genuine attempt at developing faster games.

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Elden Ring


Elden Ring has been described as one of those experiences that every individual should try. No doubt Elden Ring has no Metacritic score. There are a lot of familiar Soul’s tropes. There’s a similarity from Software, but this one feels like something entirely different. The way the two things connect and are tied is extraordinary. Its scale is awe-inspiring, especially after seeing the inescapable Erdtrees.



This is the recent example of Soul games which shows that the formula of this game is not as simple as experts such as software claim. Thymes offers some great moments, moods, and landscapes to reflect on the grim glory of Bloodborne, but certain refinements are necessary to bring this to our list.

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Mortal shells


Mortal Shell has a goal in common: to create an exciting story, but it is also far beyond its parts’ total complexity. Despite its new mechanics, the game offers an alternative take on the genre. While the Adventures are not as long-lasting as other Souls games, the content is enough.




the best soul-born games to play this december holiday 

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