May 13

Remote Working Vs Office-Based Working


Natural disasters and epidemics bring great changes in life on all levels. The same case is with covid-19 that has carried revolutionary changes in life, especially in businesses, and has made remote jobs worldwide trend famous.

Remote working today has clung to our lives as a necessary factor and has gained a place as a crucial element in businesses across the globe. Still, organizations hire remote developers even after eliminating the covid. Many types of remote workers in various sections as freelance software developers, tutors, etc are elected by companies for assigning multiple tasks. So that plans can be completed on time. Companies are forced to hire remote software developers as many professionals are not agreed to come back to the office.IT department is also employing remote workers as remote IT jobs Payments are in demand and are need of the hour.

Remote working;

In remote working selected workers to prepare their office at home or at any location that is outside the office. They execute duties while sitting at home comfortably. They are observed and guided by managers who provide them with all relevant knowledge and instructions through some experts who further become helpful in their work. An eye is kept on remote workers through tricky ways for checking any negligence from their side or for rectifying their mistakes.

Office-based working;

In-office working elected workers conduct duties while remaining and sitting in the office in presence of colleagues and co-workers. All advanced and latest equipment or tools are accessible as laptops, computers, etc on their desks with a fast connection to the internet.

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Remote working Vs office-based working;

Both look similar but they are different and have a different approaches regarding duties. The following comparison will show their all pros and cons truly.


Both types of work have some expenses but the difference is that in remote working many expenses are eliminated as building rent, bills, etc. Due to that reason, it is regarded as a cost-saving way of working. Remote workers also save money as their petrol, wardrobe, and transport expenses are reduced.

On the other hand in offices companies have to pay building rent, phone bills, etc every month which disturbs the budget greatly. Hence expenses are higher in offices as compared to remote working.

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There is a lack of face-to-face guidance in remote working as managers send e-mails and arrange video calls for imparting instructions related to programs. In case of having doubts, they will have to wait longer for making them clear.

In-office working guidance is available to face to face at any time. Similarly, meetings and instructions also play a critical part in understanding projects thoroughly.

3-Peaceful environment;

The peaceful environment is accessible in remote working and no disturbance is faced from any side. So they work comfortably without facing any noise and interference.

There are a lot of noises of gossip, long calls, and vehicles in all offices. Employees are also disturbed by the side of managers and colleagues which creates hurdles in the flow of work.

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4- Work schedules;

Work schedule is prepared by workers in remote working and is followed strictly for carrying out the plans on time. Not even a single factor is present in such work that affects the schedule.

On the other hand in offices work schedule is prepared by managers and is not followed properly due to some components such as noises, sick leaves, etc. Hence tasks are not completed on time.


Remote workers are more efficient and pay full attention to work instead of involving in other activities such as breaks, calls, etc. This efficiency results in increased productivity as workers are more devoted.

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Office workers remain indulged in unnecessary activities so that work is not done properly or efficiency is influenced and productivity is decreased.


There is a lack of collaboration in remote working as there are no co-workers with whom you can share ideas and can discuss issues linked with work.

In offices, no doubt the presence of colleagues provides you a chance for collaboration and discussion about tasks.

Briefly, both types of work have pros and cons and we should choose any type as per nature of work.


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