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How to Send SMS Alerts to Your Clients


Sending text messages is one of the most popular ways of communicating. Therefore, if your business isn’t currently taking advantage of this strategy, you might be losing out on valuable opportunities to connect with clients. Now, you can learn about the ways to harness the power of SMS alerts and potentially draw more positive attention to your business.

Create an Opt-in System

Clients should have the choice of whether they want to receive text alerts or not. Sending repeated text messages to customers without their permission could come across as intrusive. Asking customers if they’d like to sign up for the texts and providing a clear way for people to opt out are two strategies that can make your texting campaign more effective. If a person randomly receives a text from your business, the recipient might think that the message is a scam.

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Choose Subject Matter Carefully

Sending texts to clients about every new product, upgraded service or event could be overwhelming. Decide what information is most important and appropriate to relay to your clients through text messaging. For example, if your business specializes in emergency preparedness, you could send messages before storms. If your company hosts pop-up events, you can let interested parties know when tickets are going on sale.

Prioritize Security

Do not send personal information through text messages. The messages need to be general enough that the content does not pose a security threat to the recipients. Also, carefully consider any links that you’re planning to include in the messages. Your clients might be skeptical of text messages that ask them to click on a link.

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Include Follow-up Information

Your text messages should include details about how clients can get in contact with the business if they want follow-up information. For example, indicate if clients can text back the number that the message came from or if there is a different email address or number that they should contact instead.

Schedule Messages

Consistency is important when using a text messaging system. Clients may grow to expect messages about weekend deals on Friday afternoons, or individuals might hope to hear from you during inclement weather conditions. Plan a schedule for when you will send out text messages. Regular and expected communications from your business can help to establish a stronger rapport with clients.

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Use Efficient Methods

Sitting down with a cell phone to type out messages to multiple clients is typically inefficient. Consider how text messaging online can allow you to compose in a more comfortable and familiar fashion. You can also get the word out to more clients in a shorter amount of time. Consider automatic scheduling as well. Scheduling your texts to go out at a certain time is better than having to remember to send the messages constantly. A scheduling system can also ensure that all clients receive the messages at the same time.

Select a Time

Once you’ve decided to schedule your text messages, you’ll need to choose an appropriate time at which to do so. Analyzing the members of your target audience members and their needs can help in establishing a time period in which to send messages. Sending messages at the wrong time could mean that your texts come across as nuisances to your recipients. For example, if your target audience is made up of parents with young children, send texts early in the morning is unlikely to be the most effective strategy.

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Proofread and Revise

If clients receive text messages filled with spelling or grammar errors, these individuals may be suspicious about the authenticity of the communication. In other words, recipients might think that someone has hacked or spoofed your system and sent out fraudulent text messages. Consider typing out text messages in a separate document or program. Doing so can give you the necessary space to revise. Also, keep in mind that text messages typically have a more casual tone than other types of communication, so you can revise content to infuse this voice as well.

Communicating information to clients through text messaging is generally an effective and efficient approach. Whether you’re looking for ways to get started with this strategy or you want to bolster your current methods, you now know how to do so.

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Choose Subject Matter Carefully, Create an Opt-in System, how to send sms alerts to your clients, Include Follow-up Information, Prioritize Security, Proofread and Revise, Schedule Messages, Select a Time, Use Efficient Methods

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