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Block Puzzles Will Enhance Your Intelligence. Here’s How



Even since the first puzzle game, the jigsaw puzzle, was invented in 1767, people have been fans of the mind-teasing games for numerous reasons. According to a Medium article, they are fun and interesting to play, which is primarily why people of all age groups indulge in numerous puzzle games. Secondly, according to multiple studies and research results, playing puzzle games refreshes players’ minds and facilitates them to think clearly. Moreover, they also have a positive impact on the decision-making capabilities of players.


Thanks to the immense popularity that puzzle games enjoy all around the globe, different types of online puzzle games are readily available for enthusiasts to indulge in. A prime example of this is the online block puzzle game. Like Tetris, a block puzzle is an exciting puzzle game involving players arranging blocks of numerous patterns on a 9×9 grid. The main objective that players need to achieve is clearing the maximum number of cells possible to create room for newer blocks. Numerous block puzzle games available for all significant platforms offer enthusiasts the perfect outlet to refresh their minds and have fun with friends. For instance, there are tons of block puzzle games available online that are supported on both the major mobile operating systems, namely iOS and Android. Hence, players can conveniently download their preferred block puzzle game without hassle. All an individual needs to have to access and enjoy the game is a smartphone and a stable Internet connection. Most online block puzzle games are free to play, which adds to players’ convenience.

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Besides being fun and interesting, block puzzle games enhance players’ intelligence in numerous ways. They positively impact multiple attributes of players’ minds, resulting in enhanced intelligence. This article will shed light on how indulging in block puzzle games helps improve players’ intelligence. Let us begin:


  • It Facilitates Players to Better Problem-Solving Skills


One of the most significant ways block puzzles help players enhance their intelligence is by improving their ability to get better at solving problems faster by coming up with solutions quickly. Almost every online puzzle block game features a timer, which keeps players on their toes throughout the match. Moreover, the competitive nature of the puzzle game motivates players to develop effective strategies to ensure that they clear the maximum number of cells to defeat their opponent. Hence, the more a player indulges in block puzzle games, the better they get at finding solutions to problems, which is an attribute that comes in handy in real-life situations. Individuals who frequently play the game are habituated in quickly solving problems; thus, they can deal with any issues promptly and efficiently.

  • It Improves Players’ Memory
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Indulging in block puzzles provides players the perfect opportunity to improve their memory. For instance, if players have difficulty focusing on things and staying attentive, they should try playing block puzzle games. In a match of block puzzles, the player needs to quickly read the position of the existing blocks and place incoming ones smartly to clear cells. This provides players with the perfect opportunity to capture a mental image of the grid and visualize how they should place the incoming block. However, it is essential to note that players who wish to enhance their memory by playing block puzzle games should remain consistent. Playing the game for a few days will not significantly impact their memory. Memory plays a crucial role in making a person more intelligent; thus, it would be fair to state that playing block puzzles improves players’ intelligence.

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  • It Reduces Stress Levels


It is proof that when an individual is less stressed, they can think, work, and function more sensibly and productively. Playing block puzzle games allows players to unwind after a tiring day and hence acts as the perfect outlet to let go of stress and relax. Moreover, brain-teasing puzzle games like block puzzles allow players to move away from reality for a while and be present in the moment. For a little time, it helps them forget all their troubles and allows them to enjoy themselves. Once the player finishes playing the game, they feel fresh and energized, and as a result, they work or study more intelligently, thanks to a decluttered mind.

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  • It Helps Players Improve their Concentration Skills and Build Focus


Besides being innovative and mentally agile, intelligent people have laser-like focus and determination. Block Puzzle is one of the few games that allows players to enhance their concentration skills and develop top-notch focus. Whether a player is competing against a friend or an anonymous opponent in a block puzzle game, their main objective is to win. However, to ensure victory, players need to make intelligent moves that increase their chances of winning, focus on their opponents’ moves and progress, and make moves accordingly. Hence, block puzzle games compel players to concentrate on both their progress and that of their opponent. This significantly facilitates them to improve their concentration skills and improve focus.

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Even though almost every puzzle game benefits players in one way or another, block puzzles are one of the few that provide players with many benefits, out of which enhanced intelligence is the most prominent. Hence, it is advised that players who wish to become more intelligent should seriously consider playing block puzzle games frequently.


block puzzles will enhance your intelligence. here's how, It Facilitates Players to Better Problem-Solving Skills, It Helps Players Improve their Concentration Skills and Build Focus, It Improves Players' Memory, It Reduces Stress Levels

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