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7 Reasons Why Canadians Love Roulette Games


Gambling is hugely popular with Canadians. According to a study by Reviewlution, almost 75% of Canadians gamble, with their activities bringing in billions in revenue. Punters in the country enjoy access to games like poker, slots, blackjack, and roulette.


Playing the roulette wheels is a popular form of entertainment in the Northern American country, with many people warming up to the casino game as their favorite. There are many reasons for the popularity and attractiveness of this game compared to other casino offerings in Canada. This article will examine why Canadians love playing live roulette and its other variants.


Indeed, many players choose the wheels as their favorite pastime. While many leave the gambling houses with considerable wins, others leave with big losses. The goal of every punter is to win, and if you want to join the league of Canadians playing roulette and winning big at it, it will be helpful to seek knowledge, tips, and strategies from experts.

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Conrad A. Brennan, an experienced tipster and seasoned expert in online roulette, can help. He has developed the right strategies, which have delivered many wins. Conrad constantly shares tips for beginners and those looking to improve. You can learn the right way to play roulette and win by following him.

Why Do Canadians Love Roulette Games?

Here are the top reasons why Canadians love the various types of roulette:


  1. They are Easy to Play

Unlike most games, the wheels of chance are relatively easy to play. The rules are simple and understandable. Roulette is a game of wheels. Players surround it and place bets on a particular number with hopes of the marble-sized ball landing on that number at the end of every spin.

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There are some slight differences in strategies players use to play roulette, depending on their playing type. There are also many gambling houses on the internet where you can access the variant of your choice.


  1. It is More Accessible in Canada

According to a study by Casino Rankings, there are over 200 licensed gaming houses in Canada. Each of these houses offers roulettes to their customers. The availability of these attractive games pulls Canadians to one of the most popular means of entertainment.


Besides the easy access in land-based gaming houses, you can also play online roulette on the internet. There are many advantages of internet-based sites, and players prefer them. This means more people are able to play.

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  1. The Game Has Many Variants 

One good thing about the game is that it comes in different variations. There are three basic variants, namely American, French, and European. Accompanying their different names are the strategic differences used in playing them, which are:


  •     American:This has a 38-numbered wheel which includes black and red numbers in both single and double zero pockets. It also has two green ones for these zero spaces. Many players are more familiar with this type as it is more common.


  •     French: This version is played on the European wheel. However, it is governed by a rule known as the La Partage, which returns half of the money lost on an even money bet to the player.
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  •     European:This is similar to how the American version is played, but it features a 37-numbered wheel with just one single zero pocket. It gives the casino even-money wins.


There are more variants of roulettes, but these are the most common in Canada.


  1. The House Edges

House edges are mathematical advantages that the house has over every bet you place, whether you lose or win the rounds. Many gamblers tend to play the games with low house edges as it gives them a chance to win against the casino.


One of the reasons why roulette is widely accepted in Canada is its low house edge. Unlike baccarat and slots, where the house edge can be anything from 10% to 14%, European and French roulettes have a house edge of 2.7%, while American has 5.25% due to its double pockets.

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  1. The History of the Game: The Man Who Broke the Banks at Monte Carlo

The man who broke the bank refers to Charles Wells, an infamous conman who cheated the wheels in 1891. He won a million French Francs (around $13 million today) from betting just £4000 at the tables.

Wells had hired a group of players to go around the gaming houses in Monte Carlo to observe which numbers always won. After figuring that out, he played at most casinos in Monte Carlo and won at every one of them. He was eventually caught and arrested after squandering his money and returning to the place he once conned.

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The famous story even earned a popular song from Charles Coborn. This interesting story has also piqued the interest of many Canadian punters and has contributed to the popularity of roulette in the country.


  1. Players Can Take Notes

It’s a well-known fact that gaming houses prohibits players from taking notes or making any recordings while in their premises. However, this rule is a bit relaxed when it comes to roulettes. Gamers can take notes using their pen and papers, and this way, it is easier to track their progress and manage their bankrolls properly.


  1. There are a Lot of Betting Options
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Gamblers love games that offer them many betting options and markets – with more betting options come a higher probability of success and this is what roulette offers.


There are up to 38 betting options that a punter can wager on, and this is why Canadians love it. As stated earlier, Canadians love gambling, but most importantly, they love to gamble and win. This is what this game offers, and it’s no wonder they love it so much.


Roulette is a great addition to all gaming establishments as it offers a refreshing experience for all gamers. Due to its popularity, variations, and low house edge, it has attracted many bettors worldwide, including in Canada. This is why it is hugely popular, and it appears many punters will continue to visit gaming houses just to have a feel of the game.

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