June 21

5 Tips For Using Clock Decor In Your Home


Technology is evolving, and it is very common for us to want to have trendy and vintage items in our homes to make us a little different. We often find people have rotary phones, record players and even typewriters. 

However, there is another one we can add to the list, apparently clocks are on there too as trendy decor now. 

You would think that with smartphones being some commonplace, that watches and clocks might be a piece of history. However, time is literally making an impact on home decor. And it’s hardly something new! 

You can get a trendy clock from just taking a gander at https://bestwallclock.com/, but keep reading if you want to find out how it can change your home! 

Using Clocks In Your Home

One of the best things about clocks is that they can work in pretty much any room, although the favored places are living rooms, kitchens, and entry halls, although bathrooms and bedrooms shouldn’t be left out! 

While you think about where you want your new clock to go, we will talk you through the many things you should be considering. Because it is not just as simple as ‘buy any old clock’, you have to think about this. 

5 Top Tips

So, here are our 5 top tips for using clock decor in your home! 

#1. Consider Decor & Style 

Firstly, it depends on the style of the room you will place the clock into. If you have a modular kind of space, then you will want to go for something contemporary. It will help you to enhance the look of the room. 

Do not forget to consider the color of the room as well, the room color needs to be considered as well when you are trying to decide on a wall clock and where it will go. 

Of course, you could always go black and white (or just one) as these are colors that go with absolutely everything.

#2. Material

Material matters too. When you are online searching for a clock that will go with your space, you will notice they come in a wide variety of materials, not just colors. You can get them in wood, metal, plastic, and even glass. 

Typically, you should go wooden, as the material finish is smooth, and if you are struggling to choose, this is always a good go to option. 

A majority of wall clocks will also be handmade, so they will also give a unique aesthetic to whatever room you place them into. 

Material is also about the room, so consider what is already in that room and get the clock to match. 

#3. Think About Size

Do not forget to think about size as well. Size is important with clocks as if you place something too big in your room, you will be looking at over-cluttering your room, and making it look a bit messy. 

You should also be thinking about the decor, how you will decorate around the clock, or what will sit around it when it is in place. 

So, do not only consider the size of the clock itself, but how its size will impact the space around it as well. 

#4. Matching The Color Scheme

Color is not something that you can just ignore when you are placing anything into your home. Any clock that you intend on using to decorate your home should match the color scheme you have going around it. 

Do try to go with a color that is different to the furniture, but not so different that it makes the space look weird, or uneven. 

You could also follow Feng Shui rules and choose color depending on where it will be placed. I.e. yellow for the south to bring happiness. Or, silver for the North to bring luck. 

#5. Think Outside Of The Wall Clock

Remember, you do not have to just look at wall clocks, standing clocks have some appeal as well, and they can take up a sad and empty floor space that is just sitting there. They can make a great feature in entryways, dining rooms, and living rooms. 

A standing clock can bring gravitas to your room and will look beautiful when placed just right. 

Of course, countertop clocks can be just as good as well, they can be beautiful on mantle pieces or on bedside tables can bring a whole new feel into a room. They’re worth looking at too.


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