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2022 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For


Staying on top of digital marketing trends may be difficult because the industry evolves so quickly. Furthermore, there are several moving components to a good digital marketing plan, strategy, or campaign. This makes it difficult to stay on top of everything.


While people went online to shop and gamble on the Playamo Casino App, the pandemic transformed how B2B and B2C enterprises across industries worked. This transition has a significant influence on the digital marketing industry. However, as marketing teams shifted to please virtual demand, the restoration of society resulted in a drop in web traffic and online sales.


1. The Rise and Reign of TikTok

TikTok is a social networking app worth considering if you aren’t currently using it. TikTok’s meteoric ascent has seen the app surpass 1 billion users. This number only continues to grow.

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TikTok has massive interaction and allows people and companies to have their videos go viral. In the social media world, this is no small achievement.


TikTok was indeed the top-earning non-game app in 2021 platform revenue, with over $110 million spent by users. This demonstrates the app’s earning potential for advertisers promoting sales among young customers.


Influencers have also contributed to TikTok’s growth. Many earn large sums through sponsorship arrangements.


TikTok was received with an awkward pause. Besides, didn’t most of us think it’s just for children? We now see a lot of influencers, such as Gordon Ramsay, and older superstars, such as Rod Stewart, who is doing extremely well on TikTok. Brands are realizing that TikTok allows them to reach many more people than Instagram or Facebook.

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2. Marketers Will Become More Digitally Savvy

As organizations compete to connect, market, and convert customers online, the demand for digital talent throughout areas of the economy is high.


There is a significant digital skills gap. Naturally, every marketing agency wants to improve its skills and capabilities. However, many individuals are struggling to locate talent. Upskilling employees is a top priority for many organizations this year.


This is excellent news for marketers, but it presents a barrier for those in the sector who have little or no digital expertise in marketing. So, in 2022, what digital marketing talents will be in demand?

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When it comes to upskilling and advancing your career, it’s critical to connect your expertise with the abilities that companies are seeking. According to LinkedIn’s job posting data, digital and social media marketing talents are in great demand. In fact, digital or media positions account for half of the top ten marketing jobs mentioned below.


3. The Metaverse’s Growing Popularity

While it has been there for a while, marketers became aware of the metaverse once Facebook changed its parent company’s name.


According to Zuckerberg, they took this step because the metaverse, like social networking, is the next frontier in linking people.

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But what exactly is the metaverse? Simply said, it is a network of 3D virtual worlds that users may join via AR and VR. Minecraft, Pokemon, and Fornite are popular gaming platforms in this space, and many of them are recognizable to the youngest audience of all—Generation Alpha.


The metaverse is somewhat of a fresh medium for marketing, but the latest campaigns have seen firms capitalize on its immersive quality to promote. Roblox, for instance, featured Gucci Garden, where people could try on and purchase digital Gucci items for their avatars. The goal was to increase brand recognition among young customers. So, why should marketers consider the metaverse as a digital marketing trend for 2022? eMarketer estimates that 65 million people will use VR and 110 million will use AR per month in 2023. That’s a lot of prospective young clients in one location.

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1. The Rise and Reign of TikTok, 2. Marketers Will Become More Digitally Savvy, 2022 digital marketing trends to watch out for, 3. The Metaverse’s Growing Popularity

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