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10 Reasons to Choose CenturyLink Internet for Your Home


The internet has become a necessity for every household and life without internet connectivity feels incomplete. In today’s times, people think that an internet plan needs to be fast, affordable, and reliable. While these things are prerequisites, there are many other factors that people need to consider before subscribing to an internet service for their homes. If you’re also looking for a good internet service, CenturyLink internet plans are definitely worth a shot!

CenturyLink’s internet plans are affordable and fast, but many households prefer CenturyLink because of its connection type, flexibility, benefits, features, and add-ons. All these together make CenturyLink a perfect choice for your home.

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CenturyLink offers two types of internet services—high-speed DSL and fiber optic. While it is known for its super-fast fiber optic plans, high-speed DSL internet is also pretty decent and good for a household with normal internet usage. CenturyLink Internet plans are available in about 16 states across the US, however, the availability of Fiber plans is limited. However, the provider is readily expanding its fiber-optic services to more homes.

Perhaps the best thing about CenturyLink is there is an internet plan for every household. This article covers everything you need to know about CenturyLink internet plans and the top 10 reasons that make CenturyLink the best choice for all your connectivity needs.

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CenturyLink Internet Plans

Each CenturyLink plan comes with decent speed, unlimited data, no contracts, and paperless hassle-free billing. If you are lucky enough to access CenturyLink’s fiber internet plans, don’t wait because not only is the speed super-fast, but you also get equal download speed and upload speed. This allows you to play games, upload large files, stream content, learn from home, and make video calls—all in a breeze.

Remember speed offerings from CenturyLink may vary depending on the network capacity in your area. Here are the CenturyLink Internet plans that you need to know of.

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

CenturyLink’s Simply Unlimited internet plan comes with up to 100Mbps speed, unlimited data, and a hassle-free price plan. There are no annual contracts, no data overage charges, and no promotional rates. Discounts that might expire after a few months leading to a more expensive internet later is what CenturyLink internet plans save you from. The plans are super straightforward in this case.

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Besides, the provided speed is good enough for anyone who uses the internet moderately. You can stream videos, attend your virtual classes, surf the web, shop online, and play mobile games. With this speed, you can also download videos, songs, and files.

CenturyLink Fiber Internet 200

The CenturyLink Fiber Internet 200 plan comes with speeds of up to 200 Mbps, unlimited data, and hassle-free pricing. As we discussed, none of these plans have any annual contracts or data overage charges.

With this speed, you can use unlimited internet on multiple devices at a time without losing connectivity. Since the connection is fiber-optic and the download and upload speeds are the same, it makes using the internet a breeze for you. You can work from home, send and receive files without delays, shop online, pay bills, stream, watch the news, and a lot more. This speed plan is good enough for a family with the standard use of the internet.

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CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit

If you have a big family and have access to CenturyLink’s Fiber Gigabit plan, it will make your life super smooth. This plan comes with a speed of up to 940 Mbps along with unlimited data. The pricing is hassle-free too and there are no contracts or hidden charges.

With the given speed, you can connect all the devices in your house at the same time and not worry about connectivity issues. You can work from home, play and download video games, stream 4K content, send and receive heavy files, attend virtual classes, and even keep all your smart devices connected. Besides, if you pair it up with Complete WiFi it will make your network super integrated.

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The speed plan is perfect for a large home with many devices in use and heavy internet usage.

Why CenturyLink Internet?

There are several features, perks, and add-ons that make CenturyLink internet plans worth purchasing. Here are the factors that make CenturyLink internet deals the best choice for any household, big or small.

  • Fiber Optic Connection

The first feature that is also a specialty of CenturyLink internet is that they provide a pure fiber-optic internet connection in select areas. Besides the unlimited internet plan, the other two fiber plans are not to be missed. Well, there are multiple benefits of having a fiber optic connection such as the download and upload speeds being equal, no throttling, the speed being higher than cable, being better for gaming, being reliable, having no latency, and providing better connectivity when there are many devices on the same network.

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Besides that, even with the lesser speed tier, you can stay connected and not worry about latency or a lagging connection. The only downside is that the fiber-optic connection is available in select markets. However, as we mentioned earlier, the provider is expanding readily, so who knows you might get access to amazing fiber plans soon.

  • Unlimited Data

One of the best features or let’s say benefits of all CenturyLink internet plans is that they come with unlimited data. As we know, the internet these days is a staple, so having limits on your data allowance can be extremely annoying. Well, with CenturyLink neither DSL nor Fiber plans limit your usage of data.

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This allows you to use the internet without having to worry about exceeding the limit because unlimited data also means that there will no overage fees. Besides, with no limits on data, most cable internet services face signal, traffic, and throttling issues that slow the internet down, but fortunately, CenturyLink’s fiber internet users don’t even have to worry about that.

  • Contract-Free Plans

As we discussed, CenturyLink’s billing is super straightforward. The service does not strip you of your money by imposing annual contracts so there are no strings attached. So if you want to discontinue using the service at any time, with their month-to-month policy you can discontinue without having to worry about lost money.

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This way, if you want to switch to another internet service, move to another state, or due to any reason unsubscribe, you will not have to go through any hassle.

  • Free Modem and Installation for Fiber Plans

While this is a limited-time-only offer, it is great news for Fiber internet users. For a limited time, CenturyLink is offering free modem and installation—a $329 value—for online-only orders. For someone considering switching to CenturyLink now, this is a great offer.

We understand how running a home can be financially tough, so such offers are super valuable for a home.

  • Flexible Installation Options

Besides the free offer, CenturyLink provides super convenient and flexible options in terms of installation. You can opt for self-installation or get it installed by a professional. In terms of self-installation, a customer is provided with complete step-by-step instructions on how to install it yourself. While the instructions and process are super simple, this kit is only available for DSL users at eligible addresses.

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Well, for Fiber plans you can opt for professional installation. It comes with a cost of $149 but you get an expert foolproof installation service, and for a one-time installation cost, it is not a bad idea at all. This way your internet is set up without any delays and glitches. Besides, as we discussed, if you are an online customer you can get this service free on fiber plans. You just need to check whether the service and offer are available in your area.

  • 24/7 Technical Support

CenturyLink ensures its round-the-clock technical support and troubleshooting assistance to its users. The provider has come up with an extensive database of support tools for a range of its products. This helps you find troubleshooting tips and resolutions for your internet, home phone, or outage-related issues. It also helps you manage appointments, services, and your account. Besides, it teaches you to maximize the internet experience for the residents of your home.

  • Paperless Hassle Free Billing
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As discussed, the billing process is pretty simple with CenturyLink. With the month-to-month policy and online payments, there are no surcharges. You just pay taxes and fees for the plans and services you use. There are no contracts, no promotions or discounts or frequently fluctuating prices. Besides, as we said speeds may vary depending on your area of residence.

  • Fast In-Home WiFi

CenturyLink Complete WiFi comes at a quite minimal price per month and provides you with a seamless in-home WiFi experience. The Complete WiFi is an advanced modem that comes with WiFi 6 advanced technology and ensures 3-4 times faster connectivity, greater data capacity compared to WiFi 5, extended battery life for devices on your network, and round-the-clock technical support.

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Besides network integration, with the My CenturyLink App you can manage and control the devices on your network. With the app, you can control the modem and your network and also check signal strength, and run speed tests.

  • Secure Home Network

We all know how important network security is in today’s times. An unsecured network can put you at risk for identity theft, data theft, viruses, and all kinds of inconvenient cyberattacks. Having a private and secure in-home network is a prerequisite in this era as it saves not only your mobile phones but also your smart home security, PCs, smart TVs, and children’s devices.

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Complete WiFi comes with built-in security to keep your network free of cyberattacks. Privacy protection works by warning you of unsecured websites, malware, and other kinds of threats. It also keeps the entire network secure and private as needed.

Besides, CenturyLink Security by McAfee is an antivirus that comes free with Complete WiFi and high-speed internet plans. This antivirus protects CenturyLink customers against malware, viruses, unsecured websites, and other kinds of threats. You can download it simply from the My CenturyLink app and pairing it with your in-home network enhances the security. This add-on is super economical and totally worth it as it adds value to your overall service and keeps your home safe.

  • Parental Controls
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When it comes to reasons for choosing CenturyLink for your home, one of the major reasons is that you also get security for the kids at home. With so much access to the internet, our kids often accidentally view age-restricted content or may exceed their screen times. With CenturyLink, you get the option to take charge with Parental Controls.

You can create groups for kids’ devices and manage them, manage their access and screen time, and also pause access at bedtime and dinnertime. This way CenturyLink makes your home’s internet super manageable and convenient.


In Conclusion

Well, when it comes to choosing the internet for your home, different factors need to be kept in the mind such as data allowance, speed, network integration, privacy, parental controls, seamless installation process, technical support, flexible billing, and much more. We would say CenturyLink’s internet plans and features tick all boxes—and are a perfect deal. If you want to learn more about the deals, availability, and bundle packages, you can check them out on BuyTVInternetPhone.

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