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10 Mistakes Amateur Golfers Make


Golf is not an effortless sport. Amateurs and sometimes experienced golfers screw up their game because of some common mistakes they make. If you are also one of those people who are looking for an answer to their question, what went wrong?  Keep reading the article, we have highlighted 10 mistakes amateur golfers make and hopefully, at the end of this article reading, you’ll be able to figure out the missing pieces of the puzzle.

10 Mistakes Amateur Golfers Make

Some of the mistakes that Amateur Golfers make are mentioned below:

Improper Warm-up

Golf needs an active player. If you are physically unhealthy feeling pain or stress in a body especially in the back, legs, shoulder muscles then it will become trouble for you. So, it is obligatory to reach the course before the game time and warm up yourself properly.

If you haven’t playedthe game for a long period, then it is crucial. It doesn’t mean to do the hours of exercise, just to do enough exercise to activate your muscle groups. Before starting a game, you must warm up yourself in a proper way to play a good game.

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Negligence in Equipment Checking

If you reach the course and start to warm up without checking your equipment. When the game starts and you find out your equipment lacks the right things then, what will you do at that time? So, just before starting the game, check all the equipment carefully.

Wrong choice of a Ball:

Choose a ball for the game wisely. If you are a beginner, then choose the ball with maximum distance control. Do not choose the cheaper ball and then lose a game. Many of the good players lose their game because of choosing the ball. Wait to reach the level at which you can easily control the ball when it lands on the green-land. If you are choosing an expensive ball and you don’t have a grip on controlling the ball, then it is worthless.

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Inaccurate assumption of Ball distance:

If you change the club, then also change your assumptions. If you see a person who hits the ball and the ball cover a distance, you assume that yours too will do the job. It is impossible. If you are assuming that then try this on the same club, in which he did. The distance of the ball is dependent on the direction of the wind, the distance of the hole, condition of course. Keep this thing on priority while estimating the ball distance.

Unclean club’s grooves:

Imagine hitting the ball in the right direction but, once it touches the green land and changes its direction, it will not be less than a nightmare for a golfer. So, before starting the game must clean the club’s groove for the smooth spin of a ball. After every game, must clean your groove, and before the game must check it.

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Inexact location of the ball

Setting a ball matters a lot. If a player sets the ball in the front of an imaginary line that is present between the tee boxes, then the chance of disqualification from the game is increased. Because this is the Penalty stroke you must retake the shot and if you make the same mistake again, you will be disqualified from the game.

Improper shot practice:

You have to use the driver 13 to 14 times and lower irons about 20 to 30 times to grasp perfect results.Putting and pitching are the major elements of the game of golf. Work on them seriously to play a good game.There are lots of best driver for amateur golfers in the market so make sure to choose the best one.

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Grounding club at the dry and high place:

Avoid playing golf near water or any low place. Many of the Amateurs ground their club near the water and marshy land and face a huge problem. It is not allowed to keep yourself safe from any loss.

Deficiency of Etiquettes:

Your etiquettes are imperative when you are playing a golf game. To behave in a good way keep some points in your mind. Don’t play very fast. If you lose any ball, wait for it just for five minutes. Do not use the phone aloud especially during the game &do not interfere in the line of the other putts.

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Unplayable or lost ball drop from the rough:

Some of the golf players start to play the ball when it is just dropped from a bag. It is not a good shot to play. To play with the unplayable ball you have just three ways:

  1. Go back to the place from where the ball was played originally and play again.
  2. Play the shot from the place where it is not nearer to the hole and two club-lengths.
  3. When the ball drop takes a line from there, drop the ball from the two length club and play the shot.


Golf is not an easy game. It is a competitive sport. Always keep in mind these above-mentioned 10 mistakes that amateurs make to play a good game.Training with a golf simulator may fix some of these problems, but you could be better in time by following our tips. Hopefully, this was a beneficial read for you.


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